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Thursday, 28 December 2017

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When the whole world is of the same opinion that the era of virtual money has begun with the birth of Cryptocurrencies there are a lot of question on its future. When experts realize that even institutions like banks will have their own Cryptocurrency in near future the questions get their answers.

Well known facts, about cryptocurrencies, make them popular choice as best investment options of the decade. The fact that they are decentralized, safe, cannot be decoded, and cannot be regulated by anybody or institution, and they are in limited numbers, are features which currently gives them the exponential growth.

The potentials of such progressive magnification in their value and evolution of new entrants in coming years then raises a big question- Which Cryptocurrency will make it big in Future?

You must analyse the pros and cons of Cryptocurrencies which are hitting the markets hard and at the same time foresee the possibilities of growth in each of them.
Keep an Eagle’s eye on their daily developments and only then will you be able to evaluate the Cryptocurrency with the brightest future.

Though the current trends, expert analysis and the reviews may suggest one thing but the unseen future can only be smartly judged by you. The worth of virtual money, for future, can be predicted as:

1. Bitcoin

Till August 2017 Bitcoin prices were touching the highest of the heights, and were at $4414.31. It is expected to touch the $5000 mark very soon. It has been a magnificent 2017 for Bitcoin as in last six months only it has grown four times.

Keeping in mind that the virtual money is in limited numbers, you may think that investing now may not be fruitful. The fact that they come in limited numbers will itself make the value and worth move further with an upwardly trend.

Also, the fact that the current acceptability and established status of Bitcoin is the highest amongst Cryptocurrencies makes it the “King of present” and a “Giant Robot” of the future.

2. Ethereum

Price of Ethereum, as compared to any other Cryptocurrencies, has been exploding like anything. If we believe experts and the data when Bitcoin has shown a modest growth of 450%, Ethereum has shown a tremendous growth of 4500% this year between Jan to Sept.

Another feature, which can make Bitcoin run for its No.1, of Ethereum is the technology it has. Data processing is faster in Ethereum as compared to any other and can apply terms and conditions of contract automatically once agreed upon. Also, as the value of Ethereum is lower than the market leader, experts believe that investors will prefer it. This is evident because in such cases the chances of growth are higher.

3. Ripple

Though Ripple technology is great and may change the cross border payments, exponential growth is far ahead. The Consensus Ledger concept of Ripple offers very low decentralization, through its validator node model. This feature is appreciated by financial sectors and banks who deal in cross- border payments frequently. Movements of funds are faster and cost effective. Additionally by using other features the cost can be further brought down. Therefore unlike its rivals, Ripple can become first choice for financial transactions.

The currently value of $0.21 is expected to touch the $1 mark soon, but the multi-fold explosion and big jumps for Ripple is not predicted by even experts.

4. Dash

This silent underdog or the dark horse is aggressively surging ahead. With a growth of 3500% since Jan 2017 it stands at $409 currently as against $9 in Jan’17. Very recently it crossed the $1billion market cap. The sudden rise was witnessed due to the partnerships with banks and payment services. This will not enhance its accessibility but will give a tough fight to players like PayPal. Additional features of faster speed of transactions and strong governance system, Dash is here to stay longer. With collaboration with Coinapult, now Dash can be bought in various fiat currencies like USD, EUR, CAD and much more.

5. GDC Coin

With price of $0.01 in Jan 2017 and currently price of $5.86 makes its growth mind blowing. Peerless features of Financial Services, Forex trading services and Cryptocurrency Trading GDC Coin is fast becoming the future virtual currency. Availability of open exchanges, and GDC Exchange make it one of the best investment options. With 7million premined coins available, it can be traded at all major exchanges across the globe.

The top Cryptocurrencies and their current synergies suggest that the future definitely belongs to each one of them. The difference may be visible in terms of their demand in various sectors and for different needs.

Also their value may vary with each other at that point of time but this is for sure that whatever the price they carry today will show exponential growth in future years.