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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

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With the advent of technology and transformation in the way consumers interact, Online Travel Booking Industry has undergone a massive overhaul. Remember, those huge lines that we used to stand in just to book a rail or air ticket? Hotel bookings used to give sleepless nights to people, and the prices then were supposedly high, which normally people could not afford. Technology has transformed the attire of travel bookings and the way this industry functions.

Before tech took complete control over travel bookings, there was a time when agents used to play the middleman’s role in a successful manner. The charges to the agent were also high, and not something people could really afford. But, there was no way out for the travelers.

So, what changed? With innovative technology solutions, the middleman has changed from the agents to the travel websites/apps that help in successfully booking the hotels, mode of travel and others. Technology innovate the Travel Booking Software, and today they are successfully revamping these products for better interaction and to personalize the offering. The aim is to improve the user-experience. Technology has with time become a key entity of customer acquisition strategy for the travel industry. The convenience of tech offers incredible ways to book your travel and keep it organized.

Upgrades to the Travel Reservation Software are necessary to keep it updated with the latest requirements, and evolving personalization factors. An investment in travel products can enhance the products and the services. Right from booking on the mobile to navigating through the city, there are app solutions that help you with it, thus offering your convenience and organized methods.

Here we will take you through 5 ways in which technology has been revolutionizing and transforming the travel industry.

Mobile-based Booking

Booking lines used to be long, and the whole idea of waiting through the line for your turn used to irk a lot of us. Yet, we patiently stood only to get seats that did not qualify our needs. The idea of being turned out by a full coach was another nightmare. Imagine waiting, and not being able to buy your ticket, because it is sold out.

Things have changed with the introduction of mobile booking. Now, you can book tickets for your holidays across the globe with the mobile. The millennial prefer booking their tickets using a mobile phone or, other Travel App. The business through mobile has gone up by 18% and the online revenues are growing in numbers. Online booking are key to attracting the millennial.

Virtual Reality for Travel

One of the few industries that is starting to adopt virtual reality would be the travel industry. Right from testing the location to getting a 360 degree view of the place is an incredible advantage for the vacationers. You will be giving them a view into their to-be holiday location, and thus increasing the possibility of a conversion. Virtual reality truly works in converting potentials for the travel industry. Thomas Cook has been utilizing this technology, and has converted a lot of potentials.

Itinerary Management

Keeping all your travel related documents organized in a single folder can be quite stressful. For the travel agency, managing the clients and the workers for optimal travel experience and offering the best customer service requires solutions that can help manage and automate a few tasks. With the travel management and itinerary management apps, travel agencies can easily manage the holidays for their individual clients, without mixing up. The smartphones and the innovative app solutions have enabled incredible user experience, thus translating into customer retention.

Digital Passports

With travel getting tech-savvy, your journeys are getting digitized too. Right from booking to actual check-in, everything is getting digitized. You can get a web check-in done. Down the line, your documents will get digitized too, offering a technology based convenient journey.

Travel is Cheaper

With technology, entering a new city and being comfortable there has become quite cheap. You can buy international calling cards hassle-free. In fact, booking hotels and other events in a foreign land has become easy, and you can do it even before you reach the place. The digital transition has enhanced with virtual reality, wearable tech and other location-based services imbibed in the mobile devices.

So, with technology based Travel Startups, you can look forward to an experiential journey. Contact for Travel App Development today!!